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Sowing The Seed of Possibilities With Each Step

Hamara Footpath is a voluntary organisation that offers holistic education to children of the weak and underprivileged sections of the society. With a team of 19 core members and 12+ volunteers, the organisation executes over 20 academic and non- academic programs that encompass education in English, Math, Life Skills, Financial Competence, Computer Literacy etc.


The Footpath Story

Initiated due to the relentless determination of a group of college friends, Hamara Footpath is a story that started on the pavements of Mumbai, in 2001. When, with a passion for empowering, and making a difference, the young men would take to the streets to teach its eager dwellers.


Today, some 18 years later, and with the help of an equally motivated team, Hamara Footpath has made meaningful impact on many hundreds of lives within the underprivileged sector. The transformative stories of the lives of the children and families continue to inspire the entire organisation and offer numerous more beneficiaries the hope for radical improvement in their own life circumstances.  


Objective of Our Programmes

Our programmes are highly intensive and engaging. We see a lot of transformation in the students and their families lives. Since we have multiple programmes running we see a big qualitative curve in their lives as so many aspects are being worked on simultaneously. The idea remains to make them educated, financially independent and over all good human beings.

Children of The Soil

The organisation's primary focus is to cater to Children between ages

  • 2-9 years

  • 10- 17 years

  • Parents (ensuring fundamental shift)

Across various programmes, the NGO has reached over 800+ recipients thus far


Our Classes are held at

  • St. Stephen’s Infants School, Mukesh Chowk

  • Social Service League, Parel
    (Marathi Medium & English Medium Schools)


The Growth Scope

The Growth Scope

Fruit of Hope

Learning Through Quality Education and Improving Knowledge Levels
Fruit of Hope

Hamara Team


Taha Jodiawala

Co-Founder & Mentor


Bansi Mehta

Head of Project


Aarti Gohil



Parna Mehta


Heena and Mamta Mehta

Toy Library In-Charge

Teachers with Subject Expertise

Akshay Lodha  |  Reshma Doshi  |  Gargi Badnikar  |  Manjiri Patankar  |  Rishika Jhaveri  |  Madhvi Dusera  |  Anita More  |  Payal Mehta |  Sheeba  |  Sheetal J  |  Suvidha

12+ Active Volunteers, from different walks of life, who participate and help run our programs by investing time and expertise

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